Day two... what am I going to do?

Yesterday, while I was still in my "I can't believe I'm doing this high", I contacted my best friends and set up times to meet with them in the upcoming week. I started working on the website. I felt a little challenged with it because it frankly didn't move as fast as I wanted. Plus, I'm a huge do first, read directions later (if at all) type person. I got a blog up a running and with some tweaks to it today I think we are on our way! I need to add more personalization to the website yet but that will be after I work on my necklaces today ( :-)

Today I am going to develop a plan on what to go over with people this week. I am taking it a day at a time. No use into looking ahead too far only to stress a person out.  I've put together a "calling card" that I will carry with me and hand out. Even maybe mail out to potential customers. What do you think??