PS-It's going to be worth it!!

I forgot to mention in my previous post that the strip of pills that seems so intimidating IS GOING TO BE WORTH IT!

I've seen the benefits of Shaklee and why wouldn't you want to be on board? Expensive? Sure. But so is the doctor and so is my time when I'm laid up in bed sick. I know I don't get the recommended amounts of daily vitamins in my food intake. I try. I really do!! Our fruit bowl is over flowing right now and will be empty by week's end. But guess what?? I also really like cheeseburgers. And pizza. And soda. And while I firmly believe "everything in moderation" I know my small indulgences in those foods are not helping me hit my daily vitamin targets. THIS IS GOING TO BE WORTH IT!

I am even more excited for my husband to get his shipment this week. I can't wait for him to FEEL better!

Tonight I have a couple meetings set up and I'm hoping to get a full week in of discussions. Be sure to reach out to me even if you are the teeny tiny bit curious. If anything, you'll help me brush up on my product knowledge and help me catalog questions people have for me!

Have a wonderful day!!