Cleaning Test!

I was so excited for Saturday to get up and clean our bathrooms! Wait. What?!

I'll tell you why.

I had these bad boys to try out.

I went to town mixing the formulas together thinking to myself "There's no WAY this is going to clean anything. There's barely anything in here!" But holy smokes I was wrong.

I started by spraying down our stainless steel appliances in the kitchen with the All Purpose mixture and wiping them down with a microfiber rag. Ok. Cool. They are clean and didn't leave any streaks. For the amount of fingerprints and streaks I already had on there, it did a good job.

Next I took my already damp microfiber and went to our bedroom. We needed to dust BADLY. I used the rag to wipe down all of our bedroom furniture. I wanted to really test using only the products I received in my kit. I would definitely dust like this again. No greasy feeling and the dust stuck to the rag very nicely because it was damp.

Ok, things are progressing nicely. But my next stop is the master bath. Between me being pregnant and a husband who said he was going to hire someone if he had to clean, it was pretty nasty. I have been avoiding it because every time I'm in there I need to have windows open and the fan running because the cleaning products I used were so strong smelling in that small space. This was going to be a good test.

It was amazing!! I used the All Purpose mixture and a microfiber rag to wipe everything down. Then I took the G-Wipes (not pictured) to make sure everything was disinfected. I took the Basic H concentrate and used it directly in the toilet bowl. I was super pumped. No smell other than a little that smelled like a bar of soap. I never had to turn the fan on. But there was the shower... Ugh. We have a glass door shower in a city with hard water. It's the dumbest thing ever and if I ever build a house you can bet your bottom dollar it won't have glass shower doors. For this task I decided to mix up the degreaser formula. I sprayed down the glass doors and let it sit. As I started wiping and using a spray bottle of water to rinse it, I was impressed. It appeared that the water spots were gone. As it dried they did appear but VERY faint compared to what they were and compared to any other cleaner or concoction I've used. Now, if I don't wait so long in between cleanings I might be able to get rid of them for good!

Overall, I was very glad how my bathroom turned out. Everything sparkles. There was little to no smell. The amount of products I need is minimal. I learned too that no matter which products or miracle cloth you think you are using, it takes elbow grease to get the job done! So why not use something that you know keeps you and your family healthy?

One tip of advice is to follow the mixing instructions! They are there for a reason and when a bottle says "Super Concentrated" that is no lie! If you don't follow it you will use way more than you need and end up with a bit of a soapy mess. 1/4 teaspoon to 16oz of water??? Yes, it works!! Don't doubt it!

Plus, you can get rid of this under your sinks...

Off to clean two more bathrooms...  Happy Saturday!!