Love 2 Clean!

I wanted to share with you an email I composed for my cousin regarding the cleaning products. Everything is linked to the product so you can check it out! Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

Hey there!
I have highlighted links to everything so you can see what I am referring to. Hope this helps! Let me know if you have other questions. I can write up a vitamin/Cinch story too if you're interested! Below is just about cleaning products.
I have the basic H concentrate that I have mixed into three strengths. To clean the bathroom, I take the All Purpose Basic H and spray everything down and wipe with a Microfiber cloth or the glass cloth with the glass cleaner on the mirror. I take the straight bottle of Basic H and use it as a toilet bowl cleaner. My business leader also throws in a small scoop of Nature Bright which I must say really made a difference. I would probably just use that next time. Toss it in, let it sit, and scrub with brush. We have horrible water in West Fargo so for it to get the ring out of the toilet, I was pretty impressed. AND I was a very loyal Lxxxl user! To finish I wipe everything one last time with a G Wipe for disinfecting. The best part about it was that I  cleaned our whole bathroom before I noticed I didn't have the fan on for ventilation. That NEVER happened before. I would smoke myself out in minutes. Especially being preggo, I found this much more friendly and something I will continue to use!!  Plus you should see all of the bottles, I got rid of from just under ONE sink.I also have this scour off which I haven't tried yet but have heard nothing but good things about. I am going to try it on our hard water glass shower doors!
I've also started using the  Nature Bright and the laundry detergent. It takes very little and I was already using a dye free soap and my skin hasn't noticed a thing. I don't love the dryer sheets. They are a plant based product so they feel very plasticky and don't get the clothes very soft. I am going to keep trying but I'm not sold on that yet.
I also have the dish soap and the dishwasher soap but have not tried them yet.
I know there are several cleaning kits that you can purchase depending on what you want to try. It's probably a cheaper route to get more but you probably have to add one or two things to each to make them complete. I know the one kit I like doesn't have the G Wipes and you definitely want those!
You can order directly through my website You will be issued a member ID and you can use that for future orders! Some people are trying cleaning products one month and vitamins the next. Helps space out some costs. The cleaning supplies will last quite awhile!
Happy ordering! Don't hesitate to call!