Let's talk about Vitalizer...

I wanted to take a few moments to chat about the Vitalizer vitamin strip. No, not the effects it may have on your urine. I'm over that. I hope you got all of the information you needed and can rest easy now.

I wanted to chat about setting the routine of taking this awesome strip of vitamins each day.

Yep, this one. Right here. Remember, me?

First off, I don't think I told you that I have already ADDED one to this mix. Yep, you did the math correct folks. This lady is now successfully taking seven of these bad boys each morning. I have been getting leg cramps at night (thank you 2nd trimester) and my doctor suggested I added some magnesium to the mix. I still get leg cramps on occasion but not nearly as frequent which I really appreciate because hopping out of bed in the middle of the night is not fun when you are starting to grow larger...

Anyway, so remember the whole "can you swallow a pill debate"? Well like most things in life, practice makes perfect! I'm not 100% there but after taking these for 23 consecutive days (haven't missed one!) I can honestly say it gets easier and easier. I still eat something between each one and tilt my head back and shake it like a fool, but hey, they are going down and I'm not gagging.

Some things I've noticed while being on these so far is that I haven't had to take a single allergy pill. Tis the season right now to be taking them but I have been able to stop. I was taking some prior to vitamins which I wasn't crazy about but haven't had any symptoms and have noticed my ears feel much better. Now, some of that can be related to pregnancy changes but I'm going with it's the fact that I'm more properly nourished. I have the allergy pills on stand by but am super excited if they never leave the cupboard! I have also noticed the pregnancy "fog" has lifted some. It's not 100% gone but I can work much later in the afternoon without feeling completely dumb. Hey, that's a good thing! Plus I've been popping these DHA chews to help give my brain a boost. Now one of my friends who has been taking the Vitalizer has noticed she's been able to get out of bed with a little more energy each day. If you knew her, you would know she's more active than I am. There are weeks she doesn't get home until 10:30 each night so she can use all the pep she can get! She even talked about setting up auto-ship. Now that is awesome!

I challenge you to try it for a month. You are going to notice a difference. Plus any purchase of Vitalizer gets you a free membership. Or try anything in May and get that membership for free (a $19.95 value). Check out my site http://fixen.myshaklee.com or click here to get right to the vitamin page. Oooh, while you're there look at my new "About Me" pages!