Things are getting serious...

Ok people...

Now the next topic. Who is going to sign up to sell this awesome stuff with me??


If you are looking for a new career path with flexibility this is it. So far this month, I've had lunch with several people, wine with some girlfriends (ok they had wine and I had water), a good conversation with some friends, even a coffee date. I did all that in addition to my 40+ hr a week job and not being around a couple of weekends. In less than one month I have already made my start up money back if you don't count all the wonderful products I've been able to try in the meantime. I cannot wait to tell you in a few weeks exactly what my check was and what I did to get there by hour. First, I am going to impress myself then I am going to share that excitement with you some more. :-)

Oh yeah, and only about 24 more hours to get a free membership with any purchase. Drop me a line even if you are the teeny tiny bit curious so you can be my next lunch date!