A little dish on dish soap

I had a perfectly clean kitchen this evening. I used the Basic H degreaser mixture to get the grease splatters off the glass top stove and everything was in the dishwasher nicely. And then two glasses were used...

Man! Why can't we just enjoy no dirty dish night? I know. I'm crazy. But I strive for this often. Tonight I felt the urge to open my dish soap and use by new scrubber sponge. I hadn't tried it yet because I was trying to use down my current supply but holy moly. First, when the bottle says you only need a few drops to do several dishes, it's not joking! I used one drop for two glasses and I felt like taking clean glasses out just to make sure this wasn't going to waste. But I'm not that crazy. ;-)

At first, I didn't think this rather bulky sponge was going to get into a glass but it molded to it quite nicely! I was very impressed with the finished product of two sparkling glasses! Cheers to that my friends!


PS-I want to thank all of you who have taken the time to read my blog, meet with me, order product, or sign up to be a distributor with me. I really appreciate the support and I hope you are as excited as I am about this journey. There's a reason why Shaklee has been around since 1956. Why shouldn't we be the reason it's around for the next 50+ years?