I've been debating if I should record myself swallowing the Vitalizer strip and share that experience with you.

Well today was almost your lucky day. Almost...

I got out of my routine this morning and over lunch so I didn't take them until just now. Which is super late for me but I was determined to get them down today yet. I am NOT skipping! PLUS today was my 30th day! I finished an entire pack, all 210 pills! **insert applause**

What are some results from taking them for one month?
Absence of allergies.
More regularity. (Yes I think you know what I mean. Don't make me say it. I'm not ready...).
More energy.
Those are my top three. I'd like to say better skin too but it's hard to make that determination while pregnant. I feel very blessed to be rocking the skin that I have right now so, knock on wood, it continues.

Oh! I almost forgot. I am hosting a Green Cleaning talk at Eco Chic in Fargo. See details on a previous post.
Please let me know if you're in the area and would like to attend. Should be a good time. Maybe I can talk Maria into having some wine...

Also, I have a new Facebook page to follow! Please go "like" my page and share it with your friends. If anything, you probably find this blog somewhat entertaining and really, you never know what you are going to get.

Hope you are having a great Monday!!