What a great week!!

Wow! What a great week to talk about cleaning. Here's a recap with some fun facts for you that I learned while chatting with people.

Monday: My friend who has used Basic H in the past talks about how when cleaning a high chair tray for her son she doesn't have to worry what he's consuming besides his juicy peaches. No chemicals there! Just natural cleaner and not a second thought to what's going in that little belly.

Tuesday: Did you know those scrubbers that are "magic" can actually burn the skin of children (and adults!)? There isn't a single ingredient listed on the package either. So what's the "magic"? Eek. They went straight in the garbage.

Wednesday: Talk day at Eco Chic! Ah! This was so much fun and THANK YOU to the ladies who joined. And of course THANK YOU to Maria for letting this event be hosted at the store. I think my favorite part was watching Maria spray the window cleaner in her mouth. Yep, it's that safe people. No need for poison control here. Let the kiddos help you clean!

Thursday: Dinner with a doctor! I'm glad she validated my thoughts on how we are obsessed with having to disinfect everything! We don't! Think about it. If you just cut up an apple on that counter, what germs need to be killed? None! Now, if you cut up some raw chicken boobies, then yes. Germ Off that stuff. Cleaning the bathroom? Yes, disinfect. Cleaning up after some sickness in the house? Yes, disinfect. Cleaning up dust, dirt, sticky food, etc. Basic H is your natural answer.

So again, thank you to everyone who chatted about cleaning with me this week! I learned something, you learned something. We all made healthier decisions for our families. Mission accomplished.