Do it. I dare you.

Is June flying by for everyone or is it just me?? I can't believe it's the 20th tomorrow! Yikes! Major reason I am wishing June away (which should NEVER happen) is because I get to see my brother and his girly for a whole week in July! Yay!

Speaking of my brother, he texted me this evening and asked "Should I have gotten a $40 check in the mail from Shaklee?" Why, yes, brother dear! That was his commission check just for signing up to be a distributor with me in May. He didn't do anything else but sign up. I told him that check could be much more too. He also said "I have to give you credit. I feel better on these vitamins." Cha-ching!

I also wanted to share with you my commissions earned for the month of May and what I did to make that money. If I am doing my math correctly, May will round out around $945. I know, it's a bit "taboo" to talk about what a person makes but here are three reasons why I want to share it with you.

1. It was ridiculously easy. Coffee, lunch, and drinks coupled with great conversation about health and cleaning. Yes, my days and nights were busy. However, I not only got to talk to people I would normally want to catch up with anyway, we were able to talk about our health and families in the process. Good stuff!
2. I didn't put THAT much time into it.  I spent approximately 50 hours working on Shaklee in the month of May. That equals web time, face time, study time, lunches, dinners, etc. $19/hour. That's almost $40,000 a year. Again, to have lunch and visit? Yes, please!   
3. I would love three of you to join me at the Gold Level in June.By signing up at this level you get a ton of product that you want to try, you get commission paid back on you signing up (see the $40 above) and any other sales you do in your first month, plus you qualify for the Fast Track. Fast Track has additional bonuses along the way. You only qualify for these bonuses if you sign up under the Gold Plus Pak.

Yes, this is an investment. Yes, it's expensive. It also pays back. I made my money back and then some within the first month. I own my own business without any debt. The thought of creating my own schedule to talk to people about these products makes me giddy! Plus, I believe in the products so much that the idea of Turner and I creating a healthier home also makes me giddy! I wanted to be on the Shaklee team because I wanted an opportunity and I wanted independence. Any time I doubt what I am doing, I say a prayer, and something "Shaklee" appears. No joke. Monday, I was on the phone with a friend whining about "what am I doing?" and my Shaklee check was in the mail.  Ah. The signs are everywhere. I not only want you to join me but I want you to experience the awesome-ness for yourself. Do it. I dare you.


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