Testimonial #1

I had to share one of three testimonials I received. I'll post them all but let's pace ourselves. Remember when I mentioned I asked some lovely ladies for testimonials and I got paragraphs back in replies! Well here's the first one by my lovely cousin Jessi C.

Skin care line: With the skin being our largest organ I went in search for something that was natural (because what is on the skin is as good as in the body) yet worked well, felt good and smelled light and fresh. I tried the Enfuselle line, crossing my fingers that it would be worth the money. It definitely is! Face is smoother with less imperfections. And the products last a long long time so the initial investment might be more than you are used to but over time you will for sure see the value. And you KNOW it is good stuff, not a bunch of chemicals.

Cleaning: I love not having to buy 100 different chemical filled bottles to clean my house. I have had one bottle of Basic H since I moved into my house 2 years ago. That's impressive, especially when you consider my cleaning OCD - you know I use it all the time. Like that Hot Sauce commercial - I put that s**t on everything, from fruit and veggies to cleaning my dogs kennels, windows, wood, bathrooms, cell phones. My lab loves to follow me around ('what are you doing now Mommy') and I don't get worried when he tastes the floor I've cleaned or the end table because its all natural - no chemicals.