If you thought I was funny...

Here is testimonial #3 from Jina S! Enjoy! Oh, and check her out at http://mydiscoverhealth.com/ 
She's hilarious. Trust me. Enjoy!

Like Amanda, I was raised on the stuff! As most people do, I drifted away thinking it was just another product that people sold and bought anything I could get at Target. Over the years in search of being healthier inside and out, doing the research, I came to Shaklee. Now when I smell typical cleaners I used to think smelled "good" or "clean", I think they smell terrible! Or even regular dish and hand soap smell awful compared to the barely there all natural real clean smell of Shaklee.
I love the skin care. Like Jess said, its the largest organ, gotta take care of it with good, natural stuff. I returned to Shaklee skin care after a wild, random, skin breakout about 5 years ago. I tried everything including acne brands like "proactive". Nothing works like Shaklee and I have not looked back. Love it.

The laundry stuff??? AMAZING! Such little amount is needed and it smells so good. I know I already rapped your ear off about this in another message so I will just say that. Now I can't stand wearing clothes with the harsh perfumes of Tide and the like.

Same with the dish soap. So good smelling. I ran out once and used the Dawn I had left under my sink. Bleh! My Shaklee couldn't get here fast enough. ---- which BTW I am always super impressed how fast the order gets here. Faster than any online order ever gets to my doorstep (with reasonable shipping costs of course!).

Basic H!!! If I could have one thing with me on a deserted Island, it may be my basic H. It cleans everything. Literally everything. I clean the windows, the floors, all my fruits and veggies AND my wiener dog with it. In a pinch, I have even used it to wash my own hair. PS I've been milking the same bottle for all this cleaning for the past 4 years. Yeah. Its the bomb diggity. Yeah, I just said that.
And my dog spends an embarrassing amount of time licking my floors (have no idea why) but I have not a care in the world because ain't no thang if a little shaklee gets in that tiny belly.

*Swoon* I simply love it.