To ship or not to ship...

I want to talk paying for shipping today. Random topic and I am probably venting more than anything but I feel it fits in with Shaklee a bit too. If you are like most people I know, you probably despise paying for shipping. I get it. I really do. From both sides of the spectrum. I charge shipping for my jewelry business. I have to. The cost of the packaging, time to send it, and postage add up very quickly. I am guaranteed to lose money if that cost isn't included somewhere. I am pretty liberal about it though and found it's something I need to work on to make sure my bases are covered. I've also learned with shipping that like many other things, you get what you pay for.

Right now, I'm waiting for several different packages from several different companies including independent sellers off of Etsy. It's been interesting to watch the levels communication (or lack thereof) for each one. Today the item I ordered LAST, came first. It was a flawless transaction. Great communication from the seller and I knew where my package was the entire time. Unlike an order I placed May 31, was told it took 14-16 days to complete and ship, followed up 20 days later that it would ship next week, received email that it shipped on June 26 and here I sit with no package yet. This one is not sitting well with me.

Shaklee charges shipping. At first, that was a hard pill (no pun intended) for me to swallow. BUT I get my package on time, every time. I know exactly where my products are every step of the way. Sometimes, it may even come faster than expected. It's always well communicated and I know it will be on that friendly UPS truck when it comes strolling into our cul-de-sac. Plus, I need to remind myself that paying for shipping for something means the cost isn't hidden somewhere else and I'm paying for the convenience of having great products delivered right to my door. I pay for grocery delivery without blinking an eye. Why should it be that way with anything else?

Ok. That's enough. :-)
Have a happy weekend!

Oh, and don't let your vitamins run out of stock! Sign up for "auto ship" today!