Never in my wildest dreams...

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd be a part of a home based/direct sales business. Sure, the thought had crossed my mind a few times over the years and I had told my husband if I ever found a company that wasn't "everywhere" I'd want to try it, but I think a lot of things... :-)

Now that I've spent a few months experiencing the ups and downs of this industry, I can say with confidence that I am so glad I signed up. I've learned so much, seen so much success and witnessed great reward and recognition. Let me explain.

I've learned the following...
-that with my drive and energy, I can make this journey into something phenomenal.
-that there's life outside of my corporate world worth applying my drive and energy towards.
-that home based business is hard but rewarding if you want to be successful.
-that I want schedule flexibility and a great income. This one becomes more important to me each day!
-that you can receive as much or as little as support as you need.
-that when I compare the business structure of Shaklee to any company I'd want to work for, Shaklee has some pretty rocking benefits

The success I've seen...
-makes you want to be a part of this business and lifestyle.
-throws any negative stereotype of a home based business out the window.
-makes me believe in this company time and time again.

I've experienced great reward and recognition...
-in my first month, I was able to achieve a Director status. I received a letter from the home office, Shaklee lapel pins, and other small tokens of appreciation. Within 30 days, I could achieve things in a company that would take years of service anywhere else.
-by watching my Shaklee cohorts via Facebook have an amazing time at convention. They are bringing home some amazing energy. I'm actually a little scared to run into them after seeing their experience. I think I'll be knocked over my Shaklee energy... :-)
-by watching my team leaders achieve some amazing things! If you think being recognized after 30 days of hard work is pretty cool, I wish you could have seen the rewards some others have achieved. If your current job doesn't offer a completely rock-your-face-off recognition program.... get over here. You DESERVE this!

Whew... I didn't realize I had so much to say! Thanks for listening! If you are at all a bit curious about what this excitement is about we really should sit down and talk. It's a pretty great journey.