My team rocks my face off!

I didn't fully realize how awesome my Shaklee team was until last night. We have such great leadership and such PASSION! We've had our roller-coasters. Some for years and some for months. Like any "job" there are highs and there are lows. But man, where there are highs with this company the rewards are phenomenal! It's extremely hard not to get excited and get re-focused on this work when you are surrounded but such good products, people, and programs. When we write out what we want in life: career, freedom, lifestyle it all comes back to kicking some ass with Shaklee.

I gave it quite a bit of thought today. What kind of life do I want post-baby? If I could build my DREAM lifestyle while still making an income, what would it be? Well, I'll tell ya!

I'd work part time around 20-25 hours a week. Probably starting around 10am every day and ending around 2pm or 3pm. However, if I want to take my baby to an art class, gym class, or swimming lesson in the middle of the day, then I want the freedom to do that too.

Why not be a stay at home mom and do this on the side? Well, because I don't think that's for me. I think my baby should go to daycare at least part time and play with other little babies. I think I'd go crazy making that transition especially working a corporate 50+hr a week job for so long. Yes, my tune may change but for me, part time is the way to go!

With my 20-25 hours a week, I want to make $50,000+ a year. Yep. I said it. Yep. It's bold. But that's how much I believe in Shaklee and it's rewards. Right now my eye is on a prize of a $25,000 bonus by next August. Did you catch that? Bonus. That means my commission is in addition to that. I'm not sure what my plan is to get there but I'm hoping a meeting with the aforementioned awesome team on Saturday will help shed some light on my path.

So this post is dedicated to the team. You know who you are. I may have just met you and I may be a little quiet but hold on sistas! We're in for quite a ride!

Want to hear more about my grand plans or want to join me? Shoot me an email!