Let's talk about Cinch!

Ok! So I've really wanted to write something about Shaklee's Cinch weight loss program but I don't know much about it. Since I'm 39 weeks preggo, I'm obviously not an expert in a weight loss program at the moment. However, I have been drinking a chocolate shake with a wheat English muffin for breakfast the past two weeks. I've noticed my morning snack time has been pushed from about 9am to 10:30am and I don't crave junk when 10:30am does come around. People in my Shaklee group have been on the program for a few weeks now and have nothing but positive things to say about the extra energy and overall improved well-being you get from being dedicated to this program. I'm also a big fan of the Cinch snack bars. They are teeny tiny and packed with punch! It's amazing how much they fill you up! I enjoy the chocolate. The hubby enjoys the peanut butter. I sent a couple with the hubs on a business trip to snack on at the airport. To quote him, "Well, they definitely fill you up!" I can't wait to try the new snack crisps that are coming out soon.

I do want to share my personal opinion on weight loss programs. Do programs like Cinch work? Absolutely. Do other programs (food or exercise) work? Absolutely. Almost anything will work if you stick to it like it's planned. Most people just don't stick to them and then don't get the desired results. Or you do stick to something and once you go off of it, you gain all the weight back. I am a big proponent of eating right and exercising because it's a lifestyle change. I don't think there are weight loss secrets. I think it's hard work and every day you need to make decisions that go in the direction that you want. Guess what? Some days you aren't going to do so hot. That doesn't mean you should give up. Treat every day as a new opportunity to start over. Just because you sucked it up yesterday, doesn't mean you should suck again today. Now, why would I have an opinion like this and try to promote a weight loss program like Cinch? Because I think Cinch has the tools and foods to give you pieces of a healthy lifestyle. If you jump in and do the whole program, that's awesome. If you pick and choose a shake here and a snack bar here, that's awesome. Every piece of it is a healthy choice that is going to help you towards your personal goal.

If you are in the Fargo-Moorhead area, I encourage you to check out Healthy Happy Hot starting on Tuesday 9/11 at 7pm at Elements. Or check our their Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/healthyhappyhotgroup. Sign up to be on the Cinch program and have a local group for support. How cool is that?  Email me if you'd like more information!