Vendor Show

Hello everyone!
I tackled my first vendor show yesterday to help get me back in the swing of things. My maternity leave countdown is on! Boo.

While it wasn't as busy as I had hoped I learned quite a bit from the experience and know what to do for next time!

Lesson #1
My Basic H2 sales pitch was awesome. I had samples for people and the sample vial helped illustrate how little concentrate it takes to make two bottles of cleaner. This line made jaws drop, "If you took the 16oz bottle of concentrate and only made window cleaner with it, you would make the equivalent to 5,000+ bottles of Windex." Note to self, have more Basic H on hand to sell! I only had one bottle and it was gone within the first hour. Bummer.

Lesson #2
Ask if people have heard of Shaklee. Most people walked up to my booth not knowing what the heck I was trying to do even though I had things laid out pretty well. I was next to Pampered Chef, Mary Kay and Lia Sophia--all very well known vendors and products. After saying hello and asking how they were I asked if they had heard of Shaklee. (Interesting note, older people always said yes. Middle aged to younger people always said no. See Lesson #3) If they said yes, then I followed up with have you used any of the products. Some said yes and some said no. I focused on the cleaning products as that is what I was trying to sell via cash and carry that day.

Lesson #3
How can we generate some new excitement around Shaklee that reaches out to a new generation?!! This lesson also left me with the biggest thought. Why do all the older people know about Shaklee? Because people "back in the day" were super active with it. We need to get out there and get talking! Many of these people had just heard of it though and weren't very active users. So what!! They heard of it. People need to hear it. 'Nuff said.

Lesson #4
Chat it up with the fellow vendors. At first I felt a bit intimidated to do this but I was glad I talked to everyone that I was able and learned a bit about other businesses. This might be my ticket to opening my circle a bit. I also gave the vendors a Basic H sample with my card.

Lesson #5
Have a buddy  join you. I was lucky that my dad, a fellow distributor, decided to help me out last minute. I did most of the pitching but it was nice to have him there to fill in any gaps that I missed. Plus he did the rounds talking to the other vendors too. He's a good socializer. Little weird when someone thought he was my husband... I suppose there aren't too many father/daughter vendor teams out there. :-) Anyway, it was nice to have him there.

Anyway, I'm glad I got over my nerves of doing a booth and got my feet wet. Now I can do some more!! I'm excited !
Happy Sunday!