Help for the Pregnancy/Mommy Brain!

When I was pregnant I started taking Shaklee's Omegas in addition to the Vitalizer. I used this as my prenatal care and continue the regimen today so my babe can keep getting extra vitamins from my milk. Pre-Shaklee days, I had MAJOR pregnancy brain using the store bought prenatals. I would describe it as a fog or head mush. My head was just tired and focus was slowly slipping. That healthy baby of mine was getting all the goods and I needed to keep some myself!!! You hear of "mom brain" but until it happens to you... yowzers. Anyway, upping the Omegas everyday truly helps my brain power. Omegas not only help brain function but heart health, joint function, and eye health. The bottle says to take two a day. I only have been taking one but I am going to up my intake starting tomorrow.

 Hence.... the big gulp. The 180 count bottle.

When you do the math it comes to around .30 cents a vitamin. I spend more than that on a beverage daily whether a coffee, soda, bottle of water, a happy hour treat....all much more than 30 cents! This is so worth it. Oh, did I mention there's no fishy taste either? At least, I haven't experienced it! These are so easy to take. I still dislike swallowing pills but this one goes down the hatch daily no matter what.

The 60 count retails at $19.95 or if you are a Shaklee member at $16.95. You can order directly through my site right here: Just "Add to Cart" and you're on your way!

Please let me know if you have questions! You can become a member too by shopping online and will save on your order!