Shaklee-ize your life!

As I get ready for work each day with my newly hectic schedule, I have started to count the ways I have incorporated Shaklee products in my life. Here's what I use and why. Sit back and enjoy. 

1. Breakfast with a Shaklee 180 smoothee. Life with a baby has changed my morning completely. I HATE, I repeat HATE, being rushed in the mornings. I also LOVE breakfast. Oh, and sleep. I LOVE sleep. I'm already getting up at 5:30am everyday to prepare myself, lunches, baby food, and a baby every day. A well balanced breakfast is hard to put together when there are a million other things to worry about. So I don't worry. I have a Shaklee 180 smoothee every morning.

2. Take my Omegas. I talked about these bad boys in a previous post.

3. Shower and use all of these awesome products. 

  • Wash my face with the Hydrating Cleanser
  • Occasionally use the refining polisher to give the 'ol face some spit shine.
  • Remove eye make up with the so awesome-you-can-get-it-in-your-eye-and-it-doesn't-burn remover.
  • Hydrate my lovely face with this cream that smells like cinnamon. Not burning candle, fake cinnamon but there's a pie baking in the kitchen cinnamon.
  •  I also have the Mineral Masque but have not tried it yet because I just got it and haven't had time. I'm guessing I'm going to love it. 

4. As I'm getting ready, I look at my dirty bathroom sink and think about cleaning it with the Basic H wipes. But I move on with my day. I'll clean later...

5. Wash Harvey's bottles with the most amazing dishsoap ever. This lasts FOREVER! I had a baby in September. I wash 8 bottles a day plus pump parts 3-4 times a day. I just opened a new bottle. Worth every penny. 

6. Take my Vitalizer with my lunch. 

7. Curb my afternoon starving to death craving with a Shaklee 180 Snack Bar.  

8. Fill my water bottles up with yummy filtered water from my Shaklee water pitcherHm, I'm thirsty. 

9. Clean my kitchen counters after dinner with a Germ Off wipe.  

10. Lather my lips with this luscious chapstick as I crawl into bed for the night.  

Yes. This is me. Every day. I love it and I'm not going back to any other way. The benefits are too great. I dabble in every category Shaklee has to offer. Which category do you want to start with? I can help you with them all!