Here We Are...

Since I started dabbling with blogs, I've really just wanted my own domain where I am free to dump whatever I'd like. I know, I'm not there yet but I figured I better snatch up this address while I can because face it, I'm sure someone else was dying to use Take a number, friends.

My other blogs...
I have my family blog which is focused on pictures of Harvey. I started that just as a place to group his activities together so friends and family from afar can keep up to date with the little man. Too bad for them I haven't been very good at getting the pictures I take on the computer so the blog sits there collecting more cobwebs than hits. You could just follow me on Instagram (@tjfixen). It's my new love. #obsessed

I also have my Shaklee blog. I recently ran across another Shaklee blogger via Pinterest. Wah! I want to be a Pinterest sensation!  I have enough eco friendly tips, craft projects, and wit to get on there in several categories mind you. Mark my words, I will be.

Hey, I have used the phrase "mark my words" twice this year already. The first, to run a 5k under 30 min and now to be a Pinterest sensation. I know what you're thinking. "Slow down, Tracy. Your goals are mind blowing."

Ok, enough jibber jabber. Here is what I really wanted to post today. Here is my menu plan for the first week Harv and I were home together. There are really two versions. One that I wrote down and one that actually happened. I'll post both. We typically don't make it a whole week exactly as planned but we also don't stray that far off.



The grilled veggies on Monday night were wonderful. I took zucchini and summer squash cut up, salt & pepper, with a little butter and parmesan cheese and put it in tin foil on the grill for 10 minutes. So good! Harv eats everything we give him. Except zucchini. Lame-o. 

The Cheddar Bacon Ranch Pasta was a Pinterest fail. It turned out perfectly but it was blah. No thank you.

The Mac & Cheese with steamed veggies added right into the dish wasn't my meal but I am going to do it! It was good and helps healthy up good old Kraft when you need to use it.

The Bran Muffin Recipe is my MIL*'s. It makes about a million muffins so I am making the rest of the batch today and freezing the muffins for a later date.

Now, off to clean the floors (boo!) and plan out next week's menu! So far we have pancakes on the menu which is also a MIL recipe that makes a million so if you want to come over for a pancake breakfast next week we serve about 7am :-)

*MIL stands for "mother in law" if you didn't put that together. If I am referencing cooking, plan to see that acronym often.