Traveling with an Infant--Keeping it Clean!

Over Memorial Day weekend, we took H on his first plane ride to Chicago. We were staying for three nights in a hotel. Let me just start by saying that as much as I hate germs, there was no way I could be all psycho-bitch, paranoid about them on this journey. There was just no way. I would have spent more time stressing out about what he was touching or putting in his mouth than enjoying my family and the city.

Let me tell you the story of my packing for the big trip and how I kept things as clean as possible in a hotel.

I waited until the night before to pack. Two reasons really. One, the weather had been so unpredictable by this point that I had no idea if I needed shorts for everyone or winter jackets. Two, H only has a limited amount of warmer clothes that fit right now because I was banking on it being spring/summer. I had to wait until the week was over so I could do laundry and reuse some of his clothes.

I took this the right before I had a little breakdown and started repacking everything.

I have a problem with over-packing which caused my mini breakdown (oh, and my husband on the couch sick with the flu but that's another story.) You just never know with a child. Are they going to get sick? Will they have a blowout? Will they be too hot?  Too cold? Ah! Plus, we weren't going to someones house. We were going to a hotel which means we had to make do with what we had with us. So as I filled up more bags than we planned to take, I sat down (after a few tears) and took everything out. I asked myself if I really  needed all of it, one piece at a time. And soon, our load lightened to a manageable state and looking back, I felt like we had the perfect amount with us and it didn't feel like a heavy load. We rocked security both ways!

Ok, we are packed and at the airport!

And, crap. I didn't keep an Aden & Anais blanket in the carry on that I had planned to put on the floor so H could scoot around. Germ city #1, here we come! Lesson learned and we had it for the way home. Crisis averted and no one came down with bird flu...

Ah, hotel life. With a child. I was beyond happy that I had packed a travel bottle of Basic H. It is so powerful and concentrated that it takes so little to clean things. I used it to wash the bottles, wash the hotel pack and play (yuck!), and even wash H. I also pack some paper towels. This was our second hotel stay with H and paper towels are a must! I just tore some off and put them in a baggie.

I had originally packed the Basic H for the bottles. However, once that hotel pack and play rolled in I was grabbing this bottle so fast your head would spin. Again, no point in going all crazy about germs because we had to use what was available, but using a trusted, safe product from home really helped ease my mind that my baby would be sleeping in this thing.

I did bring my own bedding too. This was a sheet for a normal size crib, not pack and play, because I forgot to grab one of each but I just had to cover up that stuff with my own so we made it work.

Overall, there wouldn't be anything I would change. I would take my time packing and really ask myself if things are needed. I'd pack my little bottle of Basic H. I'd pack extra bedding. I'd leave my germ phobia at the door as much as possible. Besides, once we got home, all these toys got a bath in hot, hot water and my beloved dishsoap!!

I filled our sink with the hottest water possible and let H's toys soak in water and dishsoap. These are in his mouth so much that I avoid using chemicals on them.

Start using safe, non toxic products in your home today! And watch for more blog posts to come on cleaning stoves, laundry, and windows!!