The Day That Pigs Flew

Maybe it was the fact that Harvey was up at 4am today. Maybe it was because I used up my last K-cup. Maybe it was that I didn't want any produce to go to waste this week. Whatever it was, {insert your idiom of improbability here} happened today.

I went a little crazy this week at the grocery store. I bought too many peppers, zucchini and summer squash. With today already being Wednesday, plans to go out to eat Friday night, and being gone all weekend, I knew I had to do something so we weren't throwing away produce. It's like tossing karma right out the window. I am not taking that chance.

So I opened the fridge and thought, "Well, let's see if I have enough supplies on hand to make zucchini bread." I better get the apron on because shit's gonna fly.

Ok. I look the part. Now let's grab the iPad and find a recipe. "Stop!" a voice inside me said, "Use the Galchutt Cookbook!" For those not familiar with the aforementioned cookbook, it was a cookbook given to Turner by his mom from their church circa 1985. The lone church in Galchutt, ND. Population: 10 houses? :-)

Thankfully, there was one zucchini bread recipe submission. Whew. I assessed my supplies. Another victory!

Here is where you are probably thinking there will be photos of flour everywhere, batter on the ceiling, etc. Well, let me tell you my friends, this was cleaner than the quinoa dish by a landslide. I barely made a mess at all. The result?? Perfection if I must say so myself.

So perfect, my zucchini hating child ate it! Maybe this will be the start of me hiding things in his food...

I even froze a loaf for a later date with a spot of humor to remind me of the glory of today.

Happy Wednesday my friends!! If you are reading this you should be sure to sign up for email updates to the right of the page. Then, if an entry doesn't get linked to Facebook, you won't miss a beat. :-)