Operation Monica Closet

We all have one right? A "Monica Closet". Here's the best Friends clip I could find to describe it. (http://youtu.be/IzLQMq0_N28)

Or maybe you have a drawer, room or something similar. That place in your house that is your dumping ground. Normally, I do pretty well putting things away and at least cleaning things up in a timely manner. But. Take a look at this. I don't know what the hell happened but it looks like a small tornado touched down in my craft closet. I originally wrote about this June 9th... Well it hasn't gotten any better but rather gotten worse. 

Yikes. I think it's at a tipping point. No, seriously, like if I put anymore shit in there it's just all going to tip over.  I took these pictures today and plan to get to that beast this week. I'm not talking just tidy up. I mean let's get down and dirty and clean out those totes that are stacked in there and make this a functional space again. Ugh. So stressful.

This is the view to the right side. Have you met Carlotta? Allow me to introduce you.  I found that lovely gal at this amazing auction warehouse in Phoenix. I not only HAD to have it, my brother had to store it for three months so she could wait to make the ride back home in my Aunt and Uncle's RV so I didn't have to pay to ship her here. I even had to keep my swimsuit top on her so she was a little more classy for the ride. (She was nakey folks...) And the purpose of her? To use as a display for necklaces when I would take photos of finished products. Well, she's just been housing a cardigan that I wore once, saw a hole in it and wanted to patch and my Bison colored beads so I have them for football games. What a handy bitch.  Why would someone make room for this?!?! Ree-Dick-YOU-Luss... I mean, I'm sure I'll dust her but I'm not ready to break up with her quite yet. She's really not bothering anyone... 

This is the view to the let side of the closet. I'm not quite sure if I should be proud or worried about how much stuff I could fit into this space. You can't even see half of it because it was cut off the bottom. So. Much. Stuff. 

I thought you'd also like this. On the way home from church today, Turner made some kind of silly comment and I gave him a courtesy chuckle. Which lead into him saying, "Why should I think you are funny?! You don't think I'm funny!" I think what really gets him is when I giggle to myself (ok, at how funny I am) while I am typing for this blog. I can't help it. Life is good however my posts might not always be that funny. You just never know. 

Have a great week everyone! 

PS--any ideas on a new blog name? I'm thinking "Mommy Comedy"