My Mom Box

As part of cleaning this disaster of a closet, I knew I'd encounter what I call my "mom box." It's a box I use to keep all the letters and cards that my mom gave me so I'd have everything in one place. Every now and then I go through it to laugh, cry, and clean it out a bit. I know someday I'll move things into an even smaller box as slowly things get purged, but for now it's doing just fine. Today I came across a card that my mom had given me when I moved away for college. I'd like to share some of it with you. I'm sure when I read it at the time 12 years ago, I was like, "yeah, okay, whatever." But boy am I glad I still have it. It means more to me now than anything. It's just such a great insight of the woman my mom was and the woman I hope I can always strive to be.

"Be strong. Never lose your pride and continue to trust in God. You will have times, as I did, when you wonder if you can survive the pain. You will. Never forget that. There is nothing that will come your way that you will not be able to handle. Count your blessings and when you feel low do something constructive, do something for someone else. 
Never give up trying things no matter what others think or tell you. Believe in yourself and never give less than your best. 
Trust that inner voice that you will come to know. Remember who you are and what you stand for. 
Love yourself. Find peace with who you are and don't look outside yourself for acceptance and love. Find it deep within you and treasure it always."

There was another line that I really enjoyed but it didn't fit in the above paragraph. It was "You've kept my spirit alive, my mind challenged, and my body active." I think that's a good way to live too.

Hope you had a good Monday and have a great day tomorrow!