This Is The Kale, Right?

Our first CSA box arrived yesterday! I was super pumped to see the great mix of things we received. It started a week late and has smaller portions right now due to weather but that's ok because I feel this was a manageable about for us to consume.

Box one: carrots, cucumbers and sage (that we can replant if we wish).

Box two: two types of lettuce and kale (yay!)

I was excited to get this assortment. I have been wanting to try kale chips so I figured now that we have so much I better use it up and because I have no idea what else do with kale. 

Last night I put all of the greens in bags into our fridge. Today I took them out and figured I picked the right one. 
This is the kale, right? 

I found a recipe online which seemed simple enough. Wash and spin the kale. Check.

Oil and season as you wish. Since I didn't really know what this was going to taste like I just stuck to salt. These are supposed to be like potato chips right??? 

Into the oven they go for 15 minutes. I had no idea if they would be crispy because they looked like a soggy mess when I took them out. However, they were crispy. Whew. I did use too much oil though. Now I know...

I took another 10 pictures of me eating them, giving you all an approving look, but I looked like a loser so I decided to just show you how many I ate.

Good thing these are good for you because they are like eating air and let's be honest, I am going to polish off the rest right now.