Lawn Mower Lessons

I feel like I've been MIA for a bit here but looking over the past week, we haven't done anything very exciting. Our sump pump failed a bit a week ago so our house is currently a hot mess. We moved everything up from the basement so we are living with things all over the other floors of the house. Needless to say, it's not a crawling-infant friendly environment. We have been fortunate that my in-laws have let Harv and Butts stay there with me and Turner coming and going as needed.

Anyway, yesterday I came home so Turner and I could get our flooring figured out and I stayed today so I could do some laundry, pick up our CSA box and make some dishes for the 4th. (The dishes are another story resulting in a Band Aid) I asked Turner when he left for work this morning if there was anything else I could do today. He said, "Mow the lawn." He's never said that. Ever. He enjoys mowing. He takes pride in the yard. I've even offered many times to do it but he always says no. 
It was a nice sunny day so I thought, what the heck, I can do this. I used to mow the lawn as a kid all the time. Memories of mowing the lawn include me running over a little evergreen tree, neatly sawing it in half. Whoops. Sorry, Dad. However, I also remember the lessons my dad taught me such as not blowing the grass at the house, following the tire line from the previous pass and not going too fast. 
Now there were definitely some entertaining moments as I trucked along. First of all, those damn birds. Swoop here. Flapping there. Me flapping, not the birds. I'm glad there wasn't anyone around the neighborhood today because I'm pretty sure I looked like a dork most of the journey around the lawn. Then there was the question of where our property lines actually were. Luckily, our neighbors on both sides have recently mowed so I could easily detect the sides of the yard but the back started out as a bit of a mystery. Our backyard is connected to city land since there is a park path through it. I lucked out again as the city mowers were out today as well. This young gun came through and swiped one side but it didn't look like he was going to do the other side. Well, I figured too bad. Those are city trees, I am not mowing any closer as we have enough stuff to manuever around. Which brings me to  all the obstacles we have to mow around. I think I spent more time in reverse making sure I could get closer to the trees, curbing and the raised garden. 
Overall it took me an hour and a half to tackle the yard. Turner came home over lunch just as I was finishing. He was impressed I did it and even said I got closer to things than he normally does! I did leave the trimming for him but I must say, it looks pretty darn good to me. :)
Hope you all have a wonderful 4th of July! 
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