High Five

I've been racking my brain to come up with a good post this week and while several topics come to mind, nothing seems like "the one". So here are five things to help get you through the week. 

1. I really dislike Dawn dishsoap. Which leads me to, hello people of Pinterest! All those pins about the magic blue Dawn are phooey. Have you ever put too much of that stuff in your dishwater? You are rinsing your rag out for months. Now you are telling me to use a CUP of it as a bathroom cleaner? Um, false. I don't want a Dawn film over my shower for the rest of my life. Seriously people, this is bologna. 

2. If I could watch for the mailman all day I would. He normally comes around noon which is great for me because I am normally doing the lunch dishes at that time. When that little white truck comes cruising around our cul-de-sac it takes everything in me to not meet him out there and save him the time of stuffing our box. However, I swear our cul-de-sac is the last stop in Eagle Run. Seriously. I see the mailman way before he gets to us. It's like being the last kid off the school bus even though you can see your house. Pure torture. (PS--I don't get a lot of mail so feel free to send me something good!)

3. I wish my shadow could run faster. Seriously, this bitch is slow. 

4. Harvey is sickly obsessed with sippy cups, straws, and Camelbaks. He drinks and drinks until he is gasping for breath. He also spits a ton of water out which causes Mommy to walk in puddles. This is not cool. I had a mini freak out on Turner about it yesterday where I received a look like, "You are seriously freaking out about this right now? About a tiny bit of water?" However, I am glad Harvey has taken to this new thing with such enthusiasm. However it has also uncovered the stage of "Mommy has to share everything now" so my straws are now his straws. Props to my friend Kelsey for getting Harvey is own Camelbak though. He loves it. Look at him? Can he look any older??

5. Automatic doors do not open fast enough for me. One of these days I am going to smack right into one. If you're lucky, you will be behind me and be a witness to this. I normally move at a pretty brisk pace. I expect these doors to follow suit. I am going to be like a bird hitting a clean glass window. It's going to be ugly. 

Don't worry. I have five more of these bad boys waiting for you. And do me a favor and go like my Tracy Fixen-My Shaklee Business FB page. Pretty please? I've been sitting at 43 for way too long. I want to be popular.

Have a great week!