This is a BIG deal!!

Good afternoon!
I have so many ideas for posts I don't even know where to start!! I have a "cleaning garage sale finds", "dish soap battle", and a "clean your shower naked" post all on the back burner! I need a week just to get organized so I can share all this good stuff with you! But in the meantime I did want to share this...

This is a BIG deal!! 

I have been a distributor for over a year and I have only seen this deal come through twice. You can join Shaklee for FREE (a savings of $19.95) with ANY purchase. Basic H have your curiosity? Try it. Think adding some probiotics to your life will help your seasonal allergies? Now is the time to try it! Need a new, fantastic, mind blowing dish soap? Do it today!

Normally you have to sign up with Vitalizer or a Shaklee 180 program so get your membership for free. Not in July! We had this deal last May and I had several people sign up with the Get Clean lineup to convert their homes to a healthier cleaning regime and they got their membership for free.

Being a member means you get 15% off of all your purchases and you have the freedom to order product as you need it. No need to wait for a party or me to get you hooked up. Just visit my website and you can purchase ANYTHING in July and save $19.95.

Why I am so in love with Shaklee? Shaklee has been around since 1956, creating healthier homes and lives. The best part is that you can convert all of your life or parts of your life to Shaklee products and you WILL notice a difference! No more toxic fumes in your home. Great vitamin care and other health care needs. I am finding it hard to communicate all of the good that Shaklee has to offer because I don't know where to start! If anything I have talked about in my previous posts sparks your interest, please don't hesitate to contact me! I'd love to answer your questions. But for now? Let's get you that free membership!!