High Five: Part Deux

What do you think of the new title? I love it. Thanks for the input! Splash of new color and we are set. All is good in the world again. I have another five to share with you from today.  Are you ready? I'm not sure you are, all of you Dawn Dishsoap Loving Crazies out there... Geez, I'll save my rebuttal on that topic for another day because it's going to be a doozy! Video post? Yes please! Ok, back to the five from today (or past several days according to Harvey's clothes...)

6. I can't live in chaos. This has been proven these past weeks. We had a bit of a sump failure and everything from the basement had to come up. If you ever feel your house is too small, try living in half of it for a week or two. We got our carpet fixed tonight and it's like we live in a mansion. Thank goodness for good family and help!

7. Apparently 9 months is when mommies can no longer consume food or beverage in front of their children without sharing. At least, that's what is going on in my house. It's like the end of the world when I won't share my water. Life. Over.
8. No matter how many miles we put on in the morning or how much attention this one gets, she always looks like she should be in a Sarah McLachlan video... Butters, do you need the arms of an angel? Because you shouldn't after that two miler this morning...
9. I refuse to touch worms, fish, or really anything in a boat which make me a very high maintenance angler to bring along. See how Turner even tried to stage this photo of my catch so it appeared like I was holding it?? That was right before the slimy thing flopped out of his hands, I screamed, and things got crazy. Good thing we have patient friends...Especially since I am a horrible fisherperson. Yikes. I sucked. I really just wanted to come along for the ride.
10. It really shouldn't take an army to take the recycling two blocks but Butters was not going to let Harvey leave without him again today. Car door open? She was IN.
Seriously. I can't make this stuff up!
Folks, it's way past my bedtime. Thank you to those who checked out my Shaklee page! I got major stuff brewing over there too. Good thing Harvey has been such a good napper these past days and our house is so messy there's no point in cleaning! 
Happy hump day tomorrow!