What is Basic H?

I think I need to start from the beginning. I've been raving about how much I've been using my Basic H but I should tell you what it is and why we are using it. Here is what the bottle looks like. It's only 16oz of super concentrated magic.

This bottle can make the equivalent of 5,824 bottles of 26oz of Windex. Say what?! Yes you read that correctly. If you were to purchase that many bottles of Windex in your lifetime that totals around $26,000! One bottle of Basic H at the member price is only $10.35! Basic H has been around since 1960 and is 99.95% natural. It's made from naturally derived cleaning agents (corn and coconut based surfactants), natural thickener, biodegradable preservative and water. It was chosen as one of the first official products of Earth Day in 1990.  In 2008, Basic H won the Parent Tested Parent Approved Media Inc. Seal of Approval. This stuff can clean anything and it's safe for you, your family and the planet.
My husband and I became Shaklee distributors in May 2012 when I was pregnant with our son. I was familiar with the company since my family used the products when I was growing up. I only know to wash windows using Basic H and it gives me a streak free shine with minimal efforts. I must say, I enjoy washing windows. :-) Ok, back to when we started. So I was about five months pregnant and all of the baby alerts that I was signed up for stated that my days of cleaning the bathroom were numbered. I kept thinking to myself, "But why? I can move around just fine?" Then one day it dawned on me when I couldn't breathe and had to take several breaks from cleaning to get some fresh air. I had to stop cleaning with the harsh chemicals I was using. So needless to say, I found myself in the path of Shaklee and jumped on board. I was beyond excited to start this journey and I am never going back to any other way of cleaning. Now, I still hate cleaning the bathrooms. That's never going to change. There aren't magic products that make cleaning a bathroom enjoyable. But there are products that make cleaning a bathroom less toxic to you and your family.
Curious? Want to try it out? You can get a FREE membership the month of July. This deal does NOT come around very often. Which means you can buy one bottle of the Basic H to try and save $19.95 off of a lifetime membership to true green cleaning! Visit http://fixen.myshaklee.com to order or contact me today! www.facebook.com/TracyFixen or tracy.fixen@gmail.com Don't miss your opportunity to try this amazing product and become a free member!