I'll Spare You All But One Photo...

Man, today was starting off as an awesome day! I met a friend for an extremely overdue coffee and also ran into another friend while we were there. Harvey acted like a good little boy for the majority of the date. Could not have been better.

Then we got home....

And it was like Old Faithful in our front yard. We had a broken sprinkler head. I called my husband and he instructed me how to shut it off. I'm glad we weren't gone all day. I acted so fast I didn't even get a photo.

Then it gets better...

I walk in and I see a mysterious object at the top of the stairs. Uh oh... That wasn't there when we left and the only one home was the dog.

I hesitantly walked up the stairs to investigate. Just as I suspected. Puppy puke. What the hell did she get into?? Poor thing. I can hear her tummy gurgling as she lays on my lap while I type. Hopefully this doesn't last. Good thing I have a fantastic cleaning line up to help me out.

I thought my mom was crazy when she packed latex gloves in my college care package. Now, I wouldn't dream of not having them on hand!!

I used the degreaser concentrate of the Basic H to do the initial clean up. I wanted the extra cleaning power. Then I took the Germ Off wipes to disinfect. I could tell it was already cleaned up after my first two steps but once it's dry, I'm going to sprinkle some Nature Bright over it and vacuum it up just to be safe. Ew, people. Ew.

I'm glad I have these safe products to use on my floors, both carpet and other. Especially since my 10 month old is crawling all over like a mad man. I know he's not getting into any unnecessary chemicals this way.

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