Cleaning Garage Sale Finds

I love going to a garage sale. I don't know why. I rarely buy anything because let's face it, we don't need anything. I even keep a small amount of cash in my car just in case I feel the need to stop. I'm talking five, one dollar bills and some change, people. If it's more than that, I really don't need it! With a child, it's fun to just see if there are any "must haves" out there for cheap!

I found this gem at a garage sale a good month and a half ago for $3. A wave of nostalgia went over me because I had one like this as a kid too. However, mine had a chalk board and when I Googled it, it's considered a 'vintage' toy! How old am I?!?! Freakin' 30th birthday next week... Ugh.

OK, back to my cleaning...

Buying things is always a gamble because you want to make sure all the pieces are there. For $3, I wasn't going to take the time to see if the whole alphabet was there right at the garage sale so I took it home and did what any good OCD'er would do and lay it all out. In order.

Score! We have all of them (plus some extra that I didn't picture).

They had all these fun cards with it as well. It was really only missing the dry erase markers and I have some of those so we are really set.

"Dog" is a little bent but the rest are in mint condition!

Now we need to clean this bad boy. First I filled our kitchen sink with the hottest water possible and filled it with some Basic H. I dumped all of the magnetic letter in there and let them soak. As they were soaking, I took the Germ Off wipes and took care of the rest of the toy.

I was lucky that this toy was in really good shape so it was just a matter of wiping down the surfaces and disinfecting it. I took the letters out of their bath and let them air dry.

Ugh, they are out of order... ;-)

I made sure I let everything air dry. I didn't wipe anything to dry them. When using the Germ Off wipes it specifically says to let your surface air dry to maximize the disinfecting. Once dry, I piled them all into the container, nice and neat.

My son isn't old enough for this toy yet. He might be by Christmas time so I am going to save it for a future gift but I couldn't resist the deal! What a great toy to have for our family!

Basic H and Germ Off wipes are part of the Get Clean kit from Shaklee. Basic H is a natural, highly concentrated cleaning product. It is non toxic and extremely safe for your family and the planet. To start your journey to healthy cleaning today, visit today!