Get Those Receipts Entered!

So if you know Turner and I, you know we are kind of opposite on some parts of life. Like making sure receipts are entered into the checkbook or Quicken. Turner is a drill sergeant and I'm a hippie. Let's just put it that way. But now that I am home I am really trying to be more diligent about it. Plus, I barely have receipts to enter anymore because my shopping days are over! Hornbachers, Wal-Mart and Target are pretty much it!! So I had a few to enter today and I found this entry.

So I made an edit in the 'memo' section for him to find at a later date...

Bahaha... This would be a moment where Turner is annoyed that I am sitting here laughing at myself too. I can guarantee he won't find the humor it in or as much as I do anyway but he's not home all day talking to a dog and a 10 month old child so I'll enjoy it doubly for him. :-)

Have a great weekend everyone!!