Probiotics Rule!

Another post I have been sitting on all summer!! When spring and summer roll around, I typically see many FB posts about seasonal allergies starting up as well. I have them too. Allergies suck! However, I haven't taken an allergy pill since I started my Vitalizer last year. As a disclaimer I should tell you that I was also pregnant last summer so my body could have obviously changed. BUT for the seasonal allergies I've suffered with all my life to be completely wiped out?? I doubt I'd be that lucky. If I skip a couple days of Vitalizer, my allergies start to act up. True story.

Now, let me tell you. I love Vitalizer  in its entirety. All of it. All six pills. And I can't swallow pills. At all. I absolutely hate it. Even after religiously taking these vitamins for a year now, I still hate swallowing them. Plus, I've added three more so I take nine every day. Wow. I just had to re-read that myself. Nine. Yep I'm a little nuts with a side of crazy.  But the Omegas and the Mental Acuity are the bees knees too. I'm on a mission to combat mom brain with those but that's a whole other post... Stay tuned for that one.

Back to the allergy talk! While I think the Vitalizer strip has balanced me out in many ways (yes I'm talking about poop here too), I feel if I had to let it go I'd continue to take the little white pill known as the probiotic. I think that powerful little capsule is where the magic really lies.It not only improves your digestive health but it balances out the good and bad bacterias in your system.

My college friend Amanda Thomas and her husband Rob are also Shaklee distributors. Amanda posted this neat little ditty about the probiotics plus Shaklee's details on the whole system.

#20 is what I like to call the Small and Mighty Wonder Supplement. You don't realize all that it does until you stop taking it and then you realize how important it is! What is this you ask? It is Shaklee's Optiflora Probiotic. I have been getting so many questions about Probiotic and Prebiotics lately that I have to share on this. If you take the Vitalizer, the Optiflora Probiotic is in is so cute and tiny all by itself in the end of the pack but you definitely don't want to forget it! Here is Shaklee's brief description on the two:

Optiflora is a unique, two-product system that:
•Provides dietary support for the normal, healthy balance of intestinal microflora
•Promotes colon health by supporting the growth of healthy microflora naturally found in the colon.*
•Delivers guaranteed live probiotics Bifidobacterium longum and Lactobacillus acidophilus, along with the
prebiotics FOS and inulin and provides gammatocopherol, a nutrient associated with colon health.*

Optiflora Prebiotic Complex
•Provides a welcome environment for the friendly, beneficial bacteria that live and work in the colon.
•Pleasant tasting powder provides nutrients—including FOS and inulin—that selectively feed friendly bacteria,
encouraging their growth and multiplication.*

Optiflora Probiotic Complex
•A unique capsule transports live beneficial bacteria safely through the acidic conditions of the stomach
•Optiflora’s triple encapsulation protects the helpful bacteria so they can be delivered live to the intestines

Here's to your digestive health! Have a great day!

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