It's Floor Time!

Groan with me. Ughhhhh. I hate cleaning floors. Don't you? I've tried it all. Any kind of mop or steamer or anything to make this task less daunting. But guess what. There's nothing like a good old, hand and knees floor scrubbing. With a crawling infant and a little doggie it's even more important for me to keep my floors somewhat presentable. Here is how I handle it.

Obviously sweep first. I had taken a picture of my pile but then I was too embarrassed to actually post it. So, sweep and discard. 

Prep your water! I love steaming, blazing hot water. My husband can't handle it when he dips is hands in my dishwater or tries to get in the shower with me. Ahem. I mean, he just can't handle his water as hot as I can. Take a hint buddy. Stay out of momma's way. ;-)

I use an old gallon bucket and add a splash of Basic H. That's a very technical term isn't it?? The trick is that you don't need much of the cleaner! I basically just pour a little bit. The bottle says to use a Tablespoon with a gallon of water. I don't think I used that much. It's pretty powerful! Use any rag. I'd use something you can throw away if you are really grossed out by the end.

I use knee pads! Aren't these legs smoking hot?? Actually, when I took the picture I felt like I looked like a junior high volleyball player. Sheesh. But man they are helpful in making this process go faster!

Don't knock it til you try it...

Then I scrub! I picked up food splatters today that I couldn't even believe were there. I saw stains that I know were here before we moved in. And my little Basic H did its job. Then I started cleaning that little metal strip that connects the linoleum to the carpet on the stairs. O. M. to the G.

Do you know how hard it was to take this picture? And disgusting to boot?

Um, YUCK! My rag was black! Ew, ew, ew. Since that was the first time it was cleaned in the nine years this house has been here I can happily say I don't feel obligated to ever clean it again!

Anyway, it probably takes me about 30 minutes total to clean our entry, kitchen, and dining floors. It dries fairly quickly and I don't feel guilty about tossing the dirty water into the lawn because I know there is nothing harsh in it to ruin my hubby's prize lawn. :-)

I think I should do this more often...

I use Basic H because its a safe product for my family. Like I stated earlier, I have a crawling baby and a puppy that spend most of their time on our linoleum floors. I don't want them getting into any unnecessary toxins. Basic H is not only safe, it's highly concentrated and effective. I have been using the same bottle for over a year. The value in it is unbelievable and in the month of July you can become a FREE Shaklee member with a purchase of a bottle of Basic H. You will not regret it!