Veggie Tales, Baby Einstein, and the Learning Puppy

We need to talk about toys. I have a few things to get off my chest. I don't have any pictures to back this up other than photos I swiped from the Internet. That's how serious this is...

1. Veggie Tales. My mother in law bought Harvey this book.

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I love it. He loves it. He loves it because it has a mirror in it and he's vain. He also loves it because he loves to dance and if you push that little button on the right, it plays a song. The thing with toys that sing is that the tune gets stuck in a parent's head. I overhead Turner humming the tune last night. My beef with it is that I want to sing along. But I can't. Because those cucumbers and tomatoes sing too darn high. Bring it down an octave Veggie Tales. Help me out here.

2. Baby Einstein DVD

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I love cartoons. I'd watch Disney over a drama any day. We have many Disney movies. I thought Finding Nemo would be a good one to start with because it's colorful and it's like having an aquarium right in our bedroom. That should keep Harv's attention, right? Wrong. This lovely DVD does. Now, I don't mind because I only use it right now to keep him busy while I put laundry away in our room. But let's get serious Baby E. Your introduction should NOT take three minutes. Do you know how long that is in baby time??? Eternity. We need a fast play option, stat! Or I need to learn how to properly use menus. One of the two. Regardless, we need those puppets on the screen a little quicker.

3. The Learning Puppy

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No, Harvey is not pictured with this puppy. If he was, it would look like child abuse. The kid screams bloody murder when this clown-like dog appears. I think the kids in this photo were drugged. No way this dog makes them that damn happy. I feel absolutely horrible when Harv sees this dog. Blood curdling scream, shaking and clinging on to me for dear life.

And as tempting as it would be tease him every now and then, I would never. Because someone scared me with this ugly thing when I was little and I can't look at them to this day. I close my eyes when they flash across TV. Even getting this image made me tense up. Freaking ventriloquist...

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Happy Wednesday everyone!