What? Where did July go?

Who said it was time to be August? I can't even believe it. Wow, I am so excited for those of you who took the jump into the Shaklee cleaning world in July (and another today in August!). I have so much in my mind that I need to tell all of you I don't even know where to start!! Here's what you are going to see in August.

1. I've had some feedback that when you receive your Get Clean kit, it's a bit overwhelming! I understand. It's a lot of stuff you've never used before or even seen before! Don't worry. I am going to put together a video about what you need to do when those boxes arrive at your doorstep.
2. I know there are some pain points around shipping costs. I want to come up with a deal for you in August that takes care of some of that for you BUT it's going to be around Vitalizer. Now, I know what you might be thinking. Why would my cleaning guru talk to me about vitamins?? Because she's knows her shit, that's why. So just hang tight. :-)
3. I am going to start a weekly video post called "Wash Up Wednesday". It will be cool. It is in my head anyway...
4. Finally, I am looking for a highly motivated individual to join my team. Ok, I'll take all of you but I need at least one of you. The 2014 Dream Trip is to Playa del Carmen. Turner and I always wish we brought a couple friends with on our vacations. I think it should be you so we are going to talk a bit about why I want you on my team.

Side note! I've also discovered that if you have questions it's super easy to text me and I can send you a quick video answer back! I will demonstrate whatever you need to know! As long as I'm home, I will be done in minutes. Because let's face it.... I'm an annoying iPhone on the hip kind of user...

Happy August everyone! Stay tuned!!!