No, Can't, Don't, Stop

Wow, I've been MIA. I don't even know where July went and now thinking back on it, I'm not sure what we all did! It took almost all month to get our house back in order from the June sump pump failure so I feel that consumed us a bit. I have also been really busy on my Shaklee blog. If you haven't clicked over to read one of those posts yet, I highly recommend it. I've started "vlogging" (video blog) so you see silly videos of me cleaning, taking vitamins, and more! It's fun stuff.

So on the home-front, I feel all I do these days is tell Harvey "No, Can't, Don't, Stop". Poor thing is just a curious little boy but there's also a side of him that I've seen revealed lately. The stinker already knows better and does it anyway. One night I told him to leave Butters alone and you should have seen the look he gave me followed by Butters torture. Another evening at my in-laws, I told him to come here because we were going to go to bed. He clung to Grandma. This is going to be a challenge. How in the world do you set boundaries and let kids explore at the same time?!?! Feel free to comment because I don't want Harvey to be a terror...

I've also noticed parenting is really just the art of distraction and selective confinement. Confine him so he's safe when I need to get something done and distract him when I need him to cooperate with something like clipping his nails. Things are getting interesting around here folks. I can't even move away to grab my camera to capture things sometimes!

Do I have any pictures lately to share? Let's take a looksy, shall we?

I came up with this creation all on my own with the abundance of produce from our CSA. Potatoes, Green Peppers, Onions all cooked together with some eggs, cheese and maple pork sausage. Yum yum!
I made cupcakes one day with some box mix someone had given me. I thought hey, make it into cupcakes so when you want a sweet there's just a little bit. Well, after eating three in one day, I sent the rest with Turner to work. Don't you hate it when you double up on your muffin liners too???
Harvey is loving Butters more and more every day. He's also noticing how Butters likes his food however, I think he immediately regretted his decision to share with this one...
We ended July with a visit with my beautiful cousin, Emily and my goddaughter Abby. We think Harvey and Abby gave Grandma Mary Lou a run for her money. They even look a little devilish here.