Do You Really Know?

Do you really know what Shaklee has to offer? (It's pronounced "Shack-lee" by the way...) I know when I started my Facebook page and blog, I talked about many aspects of Shaklee and my messages seemed to get lost. It's because there is SO MUCH about the company, it's hard to clearly convey my passion without getting all mumbo jumbo'd. So I am going to break it down for you so I can better answer your questions and fulfill your needs. This company has something for everyone!

When you go to my Shaklee website and click the tab 'shop' you will notice there are four categories: Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Weight, Healthy Home and Healthy Beauty.



The Healthy Nutrition category houses the Vitalizer vitamins for adults, the Incredivite vitamins for kids, and a plethora of natural supplements to help you tackle issues and avoid medications. From Bone Health to Heart Health to Immune Support--this category has you covered. If you suffer from seasonal allergies there is a top notch Probiotic to help you regulate your good and bad bacterias in your system. If you get reoccurring colds every winter (or summer!), Nutriferon and Defend and Resist can help you beat a cold before it really starts.



The Healthy Weight category is home to the Shaklee 180 program. There are two versions of the program: you can purchase a Turnaround kit which will help you make drastic lifestyle changes and then there is the Lean and Healthy kit that will help you maintain your goal weight!! Plus, there is a way for you to get these kits for FREE! These programs include access to workout plans, meal ideas, an app to track your food and activity, incentives and so much more! There really is so much about this program--we would need to talk! I have been using the Lean and Healthy kit but I really want to take myself to the next level. But that's another post coming soon!


Ah, the Healthy Home category. My love! The Shaklee Get Clean products not only take all the harmful chemicals out of your home and make it safer, but they are awesome cleaners too. Things sparkle. Things shine. People can breathe. The planet is happy you have less waste. It's a win-win-win. Basic H is the mothership of the Get Clean line but there is so much more like the Scour Off, the Dish Soap and the Laundry Detergent. Oh, there's awesomesauce handsoap too! That's right. I just said awesomesauce.

Finally, there is Healthy Beauty. I use three main products from this line and would never think to try something else again. Eye make up remover, face lotion and face cleanser. They are with me for life. My brother and my dad both received the face lotion as part of their distributor kits and gave them to their significant others. They both continue to order a year later. This stuff gets you hooked!
Last but not least there is always the opportunity to join my team as a distributor. Like I stated in an earlier post, I am going to make Playa del Carmen happen in 2014 because momma needs a vacay! Who is coming with me?? The beautiful Amanda Thomas and I are working together to come up with webinars just for new distributors. We will be with you all the way! All the way to Mexico that is!! 

Here is a breakdown of August specials!
1. Free membership with any purchase of Vitalizer
2. Free membership with any purchase of a Shaklee 180 kit
3. Free shipping with any purchase of Vitazlier (new and existing customers!)
4. Free shipping AND a free Germ Off wipe for the Back to School special of two Vitalizers and an Incredivite for kids (Hurry, only four available!)
PS--did you know that everything highlighted in my posts is a link directly to the product on my website so you can get more information!? Um, awesomesauce! ;-)