Toxic Brew

I ran across these two videos on You Tube from a special report originally aired on CBC Canada. It looks a bit older but this data is the same today, if not worse! If you have 20 minutes, I highly encourage you to watch Part 1 and Part 2. If the video doesn't automatically show up for you, here is the link.

We have become a society obsessed with disinfectants and anti-bacterial products and yes, there are circumstances that require some chemicals to clean harmful germs, like chicken juice and other meat remnants, but for the most part a good mix of hot water and soap will clean just wonderfully. You don't need all that extra stuff! Clean doesn't have a smell! It's a conditioned response in our heads.

Now, I know some products are a hard habit to break. Trust me. I know. I put all of my stuff in a box and hid it in the laundry room before discarding. It took me months of using Shaklee's Get Clean line before I threw things out. And I'll even admit, I've had a couple relapses. But I KNOW better. And now that Harvey is scooting all over the place, those relapses need to go once and for all. I know making good choices is hard and sometime expensive but these cleaning products are one thing that are worth every penny.