Amateur Photography

I took a photography class this past weekend from Lana Kelly at Blessed Be Photography. I am so glad I took it because it taught me things that I have just been dying to know with my mother in law's camera and now I want to put this knowledge to good use!! I am definitely going to need to practice to make sure I remember everything but it sure has been fun to see the results so far. I did some practice today. Unfortunately, none of my models even showered for me so I did the best I could. :-)

Turner wanted me to take a picture of the carrot he was eating...

Ok this one isn't too bad. Stinky face.

Then we have "Hot Mess Harvey". Ugh, what am I going to do with his hair?!

Hahaha... he looks so silly. So disheveled.

How did I luck out with such a handsome BLUE eyed boy???

Oh, there's Stinky Face again. This is her "longing to be outside, running free" face.

My common view these days. Him crawling up my legs.

Turner and I like to play Legos. I made the top and he made the bottom. We used all the pieces.