Wash Up Wednesday!

Wash Up Wednesday!
Hello! It's time for this week's Wash Up Wednesday and this week I tackled my son's diaper pail. Plug your noses, people. Gag! 
Here is the video to kick it off! Watch this first and then come back to hear my follow up and see some pictures! If the video didn't automatically load you can click here to watch: http://youtu.be/JyjUISkFAj0

Let's just start off by showing you this photo. Ugh, this was so stinky!!

Ok, I think you get the point. So after I sprayed it down with Basic H, I already noticed a HUGE difference. I still went through the process like stated in the video, but now I keep it fresh I just spray it down with Basic H every now and then! 

I sprayed it down and wiped it with one of the Get Clean cloths. I put some Nature Bright in the bottom and sprinkled it on top too. Now, I don't think that actually did anything but it was worth a try! I'd skip that step next time. I was hoping it would magically soak up the stink but it didn't. So no need!

The good thing about this pail was that there wasn't anything soiled on it so it really just needed to be freshened up. I am pleased to say the combination did just that and I've continued to spray it down with the Basic H in between bag changes to help get rid of the stench!

So let's talk a little about the Basic G. To answer the question of my own in the video, yes you can dilute it down for a 16oz spray and it continues to work. I think I explained it fairly well (and hopefully correctly!) in my video. Basic G in its full strength format does not come with the Get Clean kit because it can be harmful if ingested. The other members of the Get Clean line--are SAFE and EFFECTIVE! We live in a society OBSESSED with disinfectants!  There is no need to disinfect everything in our homes. Why do we strive to be hospital grade sterile in our homes? There is no need and it's proving that these chemicals we are using are causing respiratory issues in our children. We don't need to disinfect dirt! We need to disinfect chicken juice (which unfortunately there's a hot mess of a post coming about that soon!) We need to be mindful of what truly needs a good cleaning. Hot water and a good non toxic soap like Basic H do the trick!

Alright, I'm off my soap box. Thanks for listening and if you are interested or want more details please contact me! To order visit http://fixen.myshaklee.com. Email me at tracy.fixen@gmail.com or 'like' Fixen Loves to Clean on Facebook!