My Product Weakness Part One

Here it is. A confession about my cleaning weaknesses! I understand 100% if you are struggling with throwing out all your bad products and completely converting your home to Shaklee. I feel the pain. I understand that you are throwing away some dollars because you just bought that new "Green Cleaner" at Target (even though it still smells like monkey feet) or that you want to use up what you have because you just opened it. I get it. And it's okay. Because I went through a grieving period and even a couple relapses too. 
Let's talk about the grieving period...
So when I first started Shaklee I did something crazy. I took ALL of the non Shaklee cleaning products that were in my home and put them in a box in the laundry room. I wasn't parting with anything until I knew this stuff worked! As I worked through my Shaklee supplies, I started to come to terms with the things that I needed to get rid of, and the fact that I could clean a bathroom without needing a fan on, opening a window, or taking a breather break, it helped me realize Shaklee was the right choice. So I went through that box and discarded some of the sprays and cleaners. I hung on to my old disinfectant wipes like they were the last thing on Earth! I also hung on to my old dish soap but for the most part, everything else was adios!

The relapse. As time went on there were two products that I was missing severely so I bought them again!

Ugh, the love/hate relationship!!!

Yes. I was missing my toilet bowl cleaner and my dusting cleaner. I mean obviously my toilets "need" that minty fresh blue swirl to really be clean since I plan on eating out of them. And that dusting solution! Jeepers, the bottle even says it has dust repellent in it! Duh! Dusting without it just means the dust comes back faster! Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold up. No, we aren't eating in our toilet bowls so why do we need to get all superfreak crazy on them. I understand they are disgusting but this is one cleaner where we need to really ask ourselves if it's truly necessary. I know this is hard to grasp so that's why I am telling you it's ok to have your relapses or your one product that you can't let go of if you can't get your head around it. If you've eliminated everything else, that's pretty awesome!  And the dusting! If the bottle says there is a repellent in it, what the heck IS that repellent? I think I'll just dust more often so I don't have to worry about covering my son or puppy in said "repellent". No thanks, my friends!

It's time to say goodbye, once and for all!

So as I wrap this post up, I will be discarding of these products for the final time. I have one more weakness but I'll save that for another day!

As always, if you want more information on a non-toxic way to clean your home, please visit or email me at!