Wash Up Wednesday!

Wash Up Wednesday

This week I will deep clean the high chair! I have been dreading this task for a loooong time. I clean it after my son eats his meals but I needed to take this beast a part and I was dreading it! I knew it was going to be a chore for a few reasons. 
1. My kid is messy. I'm sure yours is too. If not, then I'm super jealous. 
2. The tray is not one solid piece but rather two sections screwed together. Close your eyes and imagine how much banana mush is in caught in there. Yeah, just like that.
3. I don't want to use a cleaner on it that would compromise any of the future food my son will eat off of the tray, so no harsh chemicals!!
At first I thought it would be a brilliant idea to submerge the tray in water to clean it. Well, as stated above, it is two sections screwed together so what do you think happened? Yep, the dang thing filled with water. Well now I guess I have no choice but to tackle this deep clean that I have been putting off!
Gag! Now that the top part of the tray is off, what the hell is that?! I'm sure it's banana mush but it's also much more than that. Yuck! Good thing the Basic H makes every task much easier. This grime came out in no time with a little spray down and a good wiping.
Now his chair looks like this after almost every meal, like 99% of them. I knew it was going to be worse when I took the pad off too. 
Yep. It was worse. I took the whole chair outside and threw crumbs around like I was Mary friggen' Poppins feeding the birds. Ew. 
In total time, it probably took me at least 30 minutes to really clean this high chair. I had to dismantle the tray (which by the way I did not successfully get back together and had to recruit my hubby to help). I took the padding off so I could wipe all of the crumbs off and then I sprayed the entire thing down with Basic H and let it soak. I let it soak because if something was caked on from a previous poor cleaning (What? I'd never do that! *wink wink*) it would now breakdown and easily wipe off.
I choose to clean my high chair with Basic H because it is a SAFE and EFFECTIVE product. It makes a cleaning chore like this so much easier and I know my son won't be eating any chemicals leftover from traditional household cleaners. To quote one of my friends, "It's nice to know the next time my kid eats sloppy peaches off the tray, nothing bad is going in with the peach juice."

Here is an after shot. Sorry it's super blurry but no more mush!!

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