Mommy took up Drinking at Noon

Wow. I don't even know where to start. I have been waiting for this moment all day and brewed up all kinds of funny one liners for you but now that the opportunity is here I kind of just want to (finally) finish my coffee for the day and clean up some of the disaster that is my house. Ok, I know it's probably not that bad but c'mon, you should know I have an issue with clutter. I digress...

Here's how the past week has been in mommyland. Harv turned 11 months last week! Only one more month to go and he's officially got 365 days under his belt. Well, apparently 11 months came in like a lion for the little man. We went camping or "glamping" really, with my in-laws last weekend. Harvey, of course, was teething. Teething for this child means that mommy cannot leave his sight. At one point, I looked around and thought to myself, "There are five other capable adults at this campsite that love this child. I am outta here." So I took a walk. Alone. And it was glorious. In addition to the fear that mommy can't leave, then there's playing with Cuzzy. Cuzzy is about half the size of Harvey, yet is the most nimble little thing ever. She so much touches Harvey and it's the end of the world. Yes, our little Tweety Bird niece, was taking toys from our giant child and he cried. I guess they say the bigger the boy the harder they fall, right? Well, he's it. And we can't forget about Uncle B. Poor Uncle B. He couldn't as much walk within a foot of Harvey and it was game over. Other than the fear of everyone except mommy, camping was really fun. The kids had fun. They LOVED splashing in the lake (as long at the water hitting Harvey's face came from himself and not Cuzzy. Ugh.) And cute little Cuzzy. Well, nothing phases her except a shortage of food.

Well after we got home from a long weekend, Harvey's "need to be by mommy" is in overdrive. Now, I love my boy to pieces and I am so lucky that I am able to stay home with him every day, BUT between him and the dog being under my feet or climbing on me, it gets to be a little much every now and then. With my hubby saying, "He needs to learn to play alone," I find myself smirking "Ok, yeah, buddy, because I haven't thought of that!". (Love you hubby :)) Harvey does really well at playing Butters water dish or anywhere else he shouldn't be playing. But sitting nicely next to a toy only last for so long until the curious little cat is off and at it again. I have found that random kitchen objects are much better than toys so thank you, Folgers, for your large canister of coffee. You saved the day for ten minutes yesterday.

Yesterday was a long day. When Harvey was awake, he seemed to be crying. I figured there was more teeth coming so I gave him some ibuprofen and thought his naps would do him well. Now here's where we cue Butters. Our lovely little twelve pound brat decided she had to howl at me when I got the mail yesterday therefore causing one's afternoon nap to run short. I mean, really? I swear she's the dumbest dog around. Finally 3:30pm came and it was time to go get our CSA box so I figured Harv could use a little extra nap so we will take a drive. Taking a drive consisted of me going through the Culver's drive through for ice cream for myself and then driving to Kindred and back. And you know what?!?! He didn't sleep! At all. So that was a big fat expensive gasoline fail.

Today is a new day! I got everyone outside for a walk by 7:45am and played at the park climbing up the stairs. We were going to rock it today because the house was still a disaster from yesterday. But today something unexpected happened. Harvey decided he didn't need a morning nap. Shit! I am NOT ready for this. It better be a one time occurrence only. He obviously needed to nap because the tears were on hyper drive but no way was it going to happen. Finally, I decided let's go to Wal-Mart. Let's get out of this house and buy some sour cream or something. Now, I was a little worried by our appearances today that we might end up on the People of Wal-Mart website. I mean, here's a mom who clearly hasn't showered and she isn't even sure whose boogers are on her sleeves. Then there's the pants-less child who won't sit still long enough to be wiped down after a meal anymore so he has dried yogurt everywhere. It did not matter. We needed out of this house. I mean, look at Harvey. He is going to end up on that website.

Did you also notice how TIRED the kid looks? Did you also notice how his one leg is just hanging out? Yeah, well let me tell you about that. So when Harvey gets in a cart lately he makes himself real cozy. Today that plan backfired and when we got to the parking lot his foot was wedged through a slot that was NOT a leg hole. I thought, oh shit, I'm going to have to call Turner or the fire department and I don't know which one I'd be more terrified of at this moment! Luckily, mommy stayed calm and just jammed that little foot back out and all was well with the world. Whew. Crisis averted.

So we got home from Wal-Mart and I stuffed the kid full of lunch. I pulled out all the stops. PB toast, blueberries, strawberries, veggie puree, and water. I was going to make sure he was fat and happy when I was done with him. After lunch, I let him play in this tote of water I have outside. This kid LOVES water (see above regarding the water dish). Loves it. We played out there for another hour so this kid should be good and tired, which brings me to now and I'm finally finishing my coffee. Maybe I'll go shower too...

Cheers to all the moms out there today. I salute you.