My Product Weakness Part Two

If you haven't read My Product Weakness Part One, hop on over here and check it out. Go ahead. I'll wait.

What did you think? Could you relate? Are there some cleaning products that you would have a hard time letting go? I'm sure there are some. We all dislike cleaning so we are constantly going up and down the aisles at Target looking for something to make the task less daunting. But it's always still so daunting...

Here is another product that I just recently threw away once and for all. Go ahead. Shake your fist at me.

That's right. Behind that nicely organized cabinet under my kitchen sink, I had this pink aerosol doozy hiding. I rarely used it. It was brought out when that lovely odor blocking garbage bag revealed that all the odor was just hiding in the bottom of the trash can. But one day I sprayed that sucker just as my dog and son were about to crawl under the mist and I thought to myself, "What the heck am I doing?! Stop it!" So the can went in the trash (I know that isn't proper disposal either). But I just had to get rid of it. Be done. It didn't matter if there was over a half of can left. What if my son figures out to open cabinets tomorrow and this is still in there? Just toss it! So I did and it feels good. My cleaning cabinet in the kitchen won't need a safety lock on it and that's a good feeling.   

Now, I will never tell you that Shaklee Get Clean products will make the task of cleaning that annoying glass shower less daunting. Nope, cleaning still stinks, but the products you use no longer have to.

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