Wash Up Wednesday!

Wash Up Wednesday
Hello everyone!! This week I will introduce a new product to you--the Get Clean Hand Wash!! I LOVE this stuff. I will admit, I used to be a hand soap stockpiler when a certain beloved mall store had their yellow sale with everything 75% off. Even then I was picky with scents and gravitated towards certain ones. Now, I wouldn't turn back. I feel this is more cost effective because I am buying soap in bulk and refilling containers. I'm not constantly stopping for the next sale. I just buy when I need it. The big bottle I use is recyclable so I am only tossing a large bottle in the bin every now and then versus containers much more frequently. Plus the scent is light and fresh and barely noticeable. Now when I visit places that have "the other stuff" I find the scent quite strong and not necessary. I just want clean hands!!
You can click the link for today's video! http://youtu.be/3LGcjhBh55o
Lesson learned. Always wear some make up otherwise You Tube will give you even scarier thumbnails to pick from! My apologies!! 
As always, please visit http://fixen.myshaklee.com to order!!