August Recap!

Well, well, well. What a month!?! It was fantastic!! We really covered some STUFF! Here's a break down in case you missed it.

  • I rolled out specials for the first time! Whoop whoop!
  • I posted that silly video of me taking vitamins.
  • First Guest Post!
  • I covered the four main parts of Shaklee in my post- Do You Really Know?
  • We talked about Toxic Brew and the Get Clean products.
  • 90 Day Challenge!!! 
  • Wash Up Wednesday
  • I revealed my cleaning weaknesses
  • Last but not least we rolled out our weekly recruitment calls to Experience the Shaklee Effect! 

You'd think I was exhausted but I am so pumped that I've been tempted to stay up all night just to get more done! I can't wait to get rollin' with my 90 Day Challenge peeps. If you are lucky, I might even share my arm jiggle video with you. But for now, that's exclusive for those lucky ducks. :-)

So what is September going to bring us?? I think that's another post my friends. Enjoy the holiday weekend!!  See you in September!