I Clean Naked!

Photo Jan 07, 4 25 43 PM How happy is this Wash Up Wednesday, huh???!! This is going to get graphic. Ok, not that graphic but it is going to get a little silly. Yep, I clean naked! Well not the WHOLE house, but the shower, most absolutely I do! There's nothing I actually hate more than cleaning the shower. Glass shower doors in the most hard water city in the area? Who was the rocket scientist that installed those in this house anyway?! To help tackle this super daunting task, I yet again turn to Shaklee's Scour Off!! This natural product has a faint smell of cherries and no harsh chemicals so I can safely use it to clean while "nakey" and I don't have to worry about burning off any lady bits. Plus, Scour Off proves to me time and time again that it is extremely effective! I even have a video for you to watch! I recorded it a couple of weeks ago and I quite possibly was already naked, getting ready to hop in the shower, when I decided to take care of this business. Now, don't worry. The video is rated E for Everyone. No censors required.

Here is the link if it doesn't appear below! http://youtu.be/ytidpzz8JNo

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