Runners Rock, Workout Support is the Shit, and Should I Try Yoga??

Longest. Blog title. Ever. Happy Saturday and GO BISON! Wow, I included a lot of links below but these are my healthy tools and I wanted you to know. So there. :-)

I've been meaning to write a post about running but for some reason I haven't found it very eventful or awesome lately. Maybe it's because I've done the same route every single time. Maybe it's because I just got a new jogging stroller and have had trouble getting the wheel locked making me look like a fool as I almost trip with it. Maybe it's because I struggle to run with a stroller AND a dog (who sometimes needs to be pulled) and I find it frustrating.

However, today as I pushed myself another half mile farther, I was passed by a gentleman who really came out of nowhere and he offered a "good morning" as he cruised by me. Maybe he was being polite since I was jamming to "How Great Thou Art" on Pandora without headphones so the world could hear. Regardless, it reminded me that runners are phenomenal people Every runner says hello or good morning with a smile no matter how slow or fast you are going. Participating in races is so much fun when you are around that many happy people! So today, I'd like to thank the dude who was clad in Under Armour, for reminding me why I keep running: because it's a happy accomplishment.

Now, on to workout support!! For those of you who follow me over on Fixen Loves to Clean, you know I ramble on and on about Shaklee. Well, duh that's the point of that page. My true love for Shaklee revolves around the cleaning products, hence the name of the page, but I am all in when it comes to Shaklee. Now I am focusing on their Shaklee 180 program. I have a private FB group of nine individuals who are participating in a 90 Day Challenge with me. Let me tell you, while this is a cyber group and we don't meet in person, the support with these people is utterly amazing. We are all checking FB on our phones, like every two minutes, so why not check in quickly with a group of people who are on the same journey as you?? When my alarm goes off at 5:30am, I know I have to get this workout done because I am not letting them down! I threw all my goals out there for them to see and I'm not one to disappoint! Right now, it's all ladies but I know there are some men out there who would love this too. I'm all about equal opportunities to health here! I've never had workout support like this. My hubby is naturally skinny and while he supports me verbally, his 9:30pm bowls of ice cream don't help! This group is so much fun and while we are only a week into it, we are going places. I know it. If you are thinking about joining us but aren't sure, email me, call me, let's talk about it. It is going to change your lifestyle. I get ideas on healthier lifestyle from Shaklee and The Happy Healthy Truth. Between these two programs, you will never need weight loss support again. They make you think differently about food and exercise and that's really what this journey is all about. Making a change once and for all!

So speaking of making a change, who out there does Yoga? I did it one time and got a migraine and haven't looked back. Now that I have fixed my migraine issues (Thank you,  Dr Stephanie at Summit Chiropractic), I feel like I could benefit from some Yoga. Maybe I should get Yoga-fied on my "rest" days. I did make a deal that if my cousin's hubby started doing Yoga then I would too. I'll just wait until Bob-O starts before I add something new to the routine. 

How about you guys? What are some things you do to live healthier?? I like ideas so please share! Wow, this wasn't a funny post at all. How lame was that?? Well, tough cookies. It's what was on my mind and I thought you needed to hear it! Happy weekend!!